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Full-service media production & creative agency based in Las Vegas.

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Our Services

Media Planning & Consultation Services

Harness the power of strategic foresight with our Media Planning & Consultation Services, designed to align your brand's objectives with effective, measurable media solutions. We provide expert guidance to optimize your campaigns, ensuring your message reaches the right audience at the right time, maximizing impact and ROI.

Production & Post Design & Execution

Elevate your content with our Production & Post Design & Execution services, where creativity meets cutting-edge technology, including Part 107 certified drone operations for breathtaking aerial footage. Our team ensures meticulous attention to detail in every phase of production, delivering polished, high-impact visuals that truly make your brand soar.

Website & Social Media Digital Marketing

Transform your online presence with our Website & Social Media Digital Marketing Services, designed to enhance visibility and engage your target audience effectively. Our expert team utilizes the latest tools and strategies to optimize your digital footprint, ensuring your brand not only attracts but also retains customer interest across all platforms.


Red Stripe™ IFAK Promo

Red Stripe™ IFAK Promo Technical Specification Description Ambidextrous, zipper free Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) with two external tourniquet sleeves. Red Stripe™ IFAK is durable, compressible, with dual mounting options and a rapidly deployable interior sleeve to carry first aid items. General Requirements Total weight per Red Stripe™ IFAK is 0.7 lb empty. IFAK comes in Multicam®, Coyote, and Black color with option for colored pull tabs, such as red color. IFAK has excellent abrasion resistance on wet, dry, muddy, highly abrasive surfaces, tarmac, rocks, grass, slippery and undulating ground. IFAK is available in 1000D Nylon/500D packcloth, 1000D Nylon/400D packcloth, 1000D Nylon/420D packcloth combinations depending on color. Exterior Shell Two (2) Tourniquet sleeves are oriented on opposite sides of the exterior shell, allowing ambidextrous access. Accordingly, the left tourniquet sleeve and the right tourniquet sleeve allows easy and expeditious removal of a tourniquet by either a left-handed or a right-handed user irrespective of the side of the body the IFAK is mounted on. The tourniquet sleeves extend along the length of the exterior shell. Each tourniquet sleeve contains an internal tourniquet strap that allows for rapid tourniquet retraction allowing the tourniquet to protrude enough to grasp. The internal tourniquet strap renders the tourniquet readily accessible while preventing the tourniquet from inadvertently falling from the interior when access is not desired or needed. The tourniquet strap is held secure by hook and loop closure. The exterior shell is elastic and stretchable to impart a variable volume to the interior and facilitate securement of the interior sleeve, as well as maintaining the tourniquets securely. The elasticity is provided by invisible elastic sleeve compression cords in a winding or crisscrossing pattern with the end extending through a typically adjustable, spring-loaded, button-actuated cord stay for selective adjustment. The exterior shell contains a trauma shear sleeve for stowage and is secured by a shear securing strap with hook and loop closure. The exterior shell mounts via MOLLE straps with snaps vertically or 2 belt loops horizontally to the user.


I love working with these guys. As the owner of a small car lot it's important for me to have a professional presence on social media. Aaron helps me with great video content. He helps me come up with the ideas. Records the footage and edits it. I love the work he does. It's fast and looks great. He makes me look like a much bigger dealership than I am. I highly recommend this company.

Sheldon F. , NV

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