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My name is Aaron Schumann

Living and breathing the creative pulse of Las Vegas, I am Aaron Schumann. With a career spanning over twenty years in video production and digital marketing, my craft revolves around transforming intricate ideas into impactful, dynamic content. It’s about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, and that’s where I find my stride.

Navigating the ever-evolving digital media scene is second nature to me. Whether I'm working behind the camera or shaping narratives in the editing suite, my focus is on weaving stories that resonate. If you’ve got a project that could use a seasoned touch, or if you're seeking expertise in video production or marketing, feel free to reach out through the form below. Let's collaborate and bring something remarkable to life.

THR Highlight Reel 2020 - Trovo / Allied Esports

THR Highlight Reel 2020 - Trovo / Allied Esports Allied Esports, a global esports entertainment company and a subsidiary of Allied Esports Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ: AESE), has partnered with live-streaming platform Trovo to launch a new series of tournaments, the Trovo Holiday Royale. The event will consist of three mobile esports tournaments — one for Fortnite, one for PUBG Mobile, and one for Call of Duty Mobile. The event’s total prize pool is $30,000 (~£22,283) — $10,000 (~£7,422) for each title. The event began yesterday (December 20th) featuring Fortnite, which concludes tomorrow (December 22nd). The PUBG Mobile tournament takes place on December 23rd, 26th, and 27th. Meanwhile, the Call of Duty Mobile tournament takes place from the 28th to – 30th December. The event is being co-organized by Trovo and Allied Esports, meanwhile, the entertainment company will also produce the Trovo Holiday Royale from its HyperX Esports Arena in Las Vegas. “To celebrate the holidays and wrap up our first official calendar year, we are excited to bring some competitive fun to the entire Trovo community with the Trovo Holiday Royale,” said Allen Chan, Senior Operations Manager at Trovo. “With streamers able to win prizes and rewards allotted for viewers, we are ecstatic to work with Allied Esports to deliver this unique tournament and entertainment concept to the Trovo family.” “The Trovo Holiday Royale is an exciting opportunity to reward Trovo’s most loyal and active community members while inviting new users to experience the platform in a competitive and entertaining way,” added Frank Ng, CEO of Allied Esports Entertainment. “We’re thrilled to partner our esports organization and production experience with Trovo’s growing platform and look forward to exploring more opportunities to work together in the new year.” Viewers can watch the event’s closed qualifiers and finals on Trovo’s streaming platform. Esports Insider says: Tencent-owned Trovo is a streaming service that heavily platforms mobile games, and the popularity of such games is surging, so it makes perfect sense for Allied Esports to partner with the firm. With the backing of Tencent, Trovo also presumably won’t struggle for funding or resources to help enhance its competitions and services.


Media Planning & Consultation Services

Leveraging over two decades of industry experience, I provide comprehensive media planning and consultation services, guiding clients through the complexities of the media landscape to craft tailored strategies that ensure their message resonates with the intended audience.

Production & Post Design & Execution

My expertise in production and post-design execution encompasses everything from initial concept development to final edits. I specialize in transforming creative visions into polished, high-quality visual narratives, ensuring each project achieves its full cinematic potential.

Website & Social Media Digital Marketing

I offer strategic website and social media digital marketing solutions, focused on creating engaging online content and optimizing digital presence. My approach combines creative storytelling with data-driven strategies to enhance brand visibility and audience engagement across platforms.

"Aaron is AWESOME, professional, prepared, punctual, and a keen editor. He eased my on-camera jitters with his clear direction and calm demeanor, and he created a beautiful, effective promo video for me super quick. Great video guy!! Thanks! "

Dr. Suznne Schiller

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Aaron has worked on thousands of projects and can help you bring your vision to life.

Fill out the contact form here today to get started.

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